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The link between a child's cognitive development and their exposure and participation in music is widely recognised in academic studies, and at Pittwater House we take every opportunity to enrich our student's learning by providing specialised music lessons at each stage of their education throughout the Junior School.


Early Stage One - Kindergarten

The emphasis during this stage is predominantly on singing activities (which reinforce language acquisition skills) with accompanying movement activities, ranging from fine motor finger and hand patterns to simple body movements and choreography. We aim to promote the joy of singing and making music in a group, increase the children's confidence, and provide them with School performance opportunities in a supportive and inclusive environment.


Stage One - Yr 1 & 2

Whilst still emphasising singing activities, opportunities for students to play percussion instruments increase in line with their developing coordination. Students are given access to a wide range of classroom percussion instruments and have opportunities to create and experiment with their own music as well as play individually, in small groups and as a class ensemble. The basics of notation in the form of graphic symbols are introduced, and the students are exposed to a wide range of repertoire to develop their critical listening skills and music appreciation.


Stage Two - Yr 3 & 4

Singing and instrumental activities continue throughout this stage of learning, increasing in complexity from simple unison singing and instrumental playing to the introduction of part singing and ensemble instrumental class activities. There is also an increase in the use of tuned percussion in line with children's increasing competence, coordination and confidence on a range of classroom musical instruments. Listening activities encourage students to explore the context and variety of styles of music, as well as introduce them to an elementary understanding of the concepts of music.

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