senior school music | curriculum

Throughout Years 7 to 10, the Pittwater House music program provides our students with the opportunity to build on the knowledge, understanding and skills gained in junior school and encourage the desire to continue learning in formal and informal musical settings beyond Year 10. Music in Years 7 to 10 provides students with opportunities to extend their musical knowledge and the Music Elective course in Years 9 and 10 will serve as a pathway for further formal study in Music 1, Music 2 and Music 2 extension in Year 11 and 12.


At Pittwater House we adapt the curriculum structure to meet the needs and abilities of students whose interests range from the broadly based to the pursuit of specialised musical knowledge and skills.


At Pittwater House, students develop an appreciation, tolerance and respect for the aesthetic value of music through excursions to see professional performances and by performing for a range of audiences at quality varied venues on campus as part of their Music studies like the Great Hall, the Outdoor Amphitheatre and the Dance and Drama Studio.

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