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Visual Arts is an important offering for our Senior School students and forms part of the curriculum of students in Year 7 and 8 students. In Years 9, 10 and 11 Visual Arts becomes a curriculum-related elective.  Two large, light and airy, Arts rooms are available to Visual Arts students and include photographic equipment and a kiln.


Visual Arts places great value on the development of students' intellectual and practical autonomy, reflective action, critical judgement and understanding of art in art making and in critical and historical studies of art. Visual Arts plays an important role in the social, cultural and spiritual lives of students. It offers a wide range of opportunities for students to develop their own interests, to be self-motivated and active learners who can take responsibility for and continue their own learning in school and post-school settings.


Stage Four - Yrs 7 & 8

Students will explore different conventions and procedures, and the material techniques and properties of a range of 2D (including drawing), 3D and 4D forms to represent ideas and interests in the world.


In critical and historical studies, students will learn that art can be explained and interpreted from different points of view. 


They will study the functions of artists, artworks, the world and audiences in different times and places and recognise how artworks are a reflection of the time and place in which they are made. 


Stage Five - Yrs 9 & 10

Students will experience increasing autonomy and refinement in their art making, and may seek to innovate, informed by an understanding of the material techniques and conventions of a range of 2D, 3D and 4D forms and procedures.


Students will investigate the building of a body of work as a way of representing and resolving ideas and interests over time. They will learn to reflect on the meaning and significance of their own art making and to identify how artworks, roles and intentions can be understood in their work and the work of other artists.


Stage Six - Yrs 11 & 12

Visual Arts as a subject provides for various interpretations of the visual arts that are both contemporary and relevant.


Fostering interest and enjoyment in the doing, production and consumption of art, the subject seeks to build informed citizens and discerning audiences for art and to raise the standard of cultural awareness in Australia. Visual Arts acknowledges the need to respect cultural diversity within Australia and in other regions and cultures.


Visual Arts places a high regard on how students develop an informed point of view and encourages tolerance, diversity and empathy between students, teachers and others in the expression of different points of view.


Visual Arts is of great relevance to students' lives and enables them to gain increasing intellectual autonomy, evident in interpretations of their own work and the work of others. The subject rewards individual thinking in the representations of students' ideas both aesthetically and persuasively. It offers students opportunities to engage in creative and inductive forms of inquiry and to be assessed on their production - through the making of artworks - as well as on their critical and historical understanding of art, demonstrated in their writing and talking about art.


Stage Five Photography

With the introduction of new technologies the possibilities of production of artworks and the role of the artist has changed.  Artistic practice that incorporates photographic and digital media plays an essential part in the contemporary art world. The evolution of digital technologies, in particular, has altered the nature of photographic practice and has created new practice with many variables.


Photography can be broad and include print, interactive and moving forms. This will often be informed by the students interests, their understanding of the world, cultural and self identity, which permeates from the visual arts, design, television, video, film, mass media and multimedia.


Specific projects to be undertaken in Year 9 and 10 this year are wide and varied and include 'Elements of photography', Magnum photo agency, portraiture, movie poster design, stop motion animation, Illustrator and character design, video loops and sound scapes, advertising photography and Surrealist photography.



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