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9 August 2017

da Vinci decathlon success

Pittwater House competed in the da Vinci Decathlon at Knox Grammar School. We sent five teams and each team competed against approximately 50 other schools, including Selective schools.

The results our teams achieved were truly impressive.

Each Pittwater House team consisted of eight students from Years 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10 and the students achieved outstanding results securing a 1st place, two 2nd places and two 3rd places. 

  • Year 6 received a 1st place in Engineering and 3rd place in Code Breaking
  • Year 7 achieved a 2nd place in Cartography
  • Year 9 came home with a 2nd place in Engineering
  • Year 10 got a 3rd place in Ideation

Our only regret is our Year 8 students were on camp and couldn't join us!

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