Pittwater House Alumni Association (PHAA)

Pittwater House Early Days

Pittwater House Early Days


Association Background

The Pittwater House Alumni Association (PHAA) is an active group of men and women who share a common heritage.


The Association was formed in 2011 championed by Dr Nancy Hillier in the Schools' 50th Anniversary year. The intent was to establish an ever-expanding group of common minded men and women, who will ensure the enduring legacy of the values of the School.


The Pittwater House Alumni Association provides the critical link between Pittwater House and students which have graduated from Pittwater House.


PHAA Vision

Ours is a close knit school with traditional academic and ethical values.


The Association strives to foster relationships among our Members, the School and the Community and uphold the values of Pittwater House.


We seek to encourage our Members as they strive to fulfil their potential in the wider community and as part of the extended Pittwater House family.


Finally, we promote the values of Pittwater House providing it with a continuing source of support and encouragement.


Alumni Enrolments

Children of Pittwater House students that have graduated from Pittwater House are eligible for a loyalty discount in fees during the enrolment process.


For further information contact the Enrolments Office on (02) 9972 5789.


Joining the Alumni Association

Students that have graduated from Pittwater House are eligible to become members of the Association.


To join:  www.pittwaterhousealumni.com


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Pre-School to Year 12
70 South Creek Rd Collaroy, NSW 2097, Australia Reception ph: +612 9981 4400 Enrolments ph: + 612 9972 5789