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Welcome to the Pittwater House Parents Association (PHPA). You will find here all the information you need to know; who we are and what we do and how you can get involved.  All parents are encouraged to join the PHPA.


What we do:

Firstly, we fundraise through numerous events during the school year.   All money raised goes back to the school to fund various projects, equipment, resources and upgrades to enhance our school. The PHPA also provides vitals services to the school through the School canteen and second hand uniform & book shop.


Our other function is to get involved in the school community and develop the School family spirit through our social functions.  Socialising with families of our children helps create an important network which is the fabric of our school community.








Annual Events


February Swimming Carnival
March Parents & Teachers Cocktails
May Mother’s Day Luncheon
September Father’s Day Breakfast
September Card & Calendar Fundraiser
October Golf Day
November (biannual) School Fete
December Carol Service Cocktails
December Second Hand Book Sales

The Committee is always looking for new ideas for fundraising initiatives.


Who are the Committee Members:

Lorraine Pederson – Co-President
Erica Butcher – Co-President
Lucy Dennison – Treasurer
Denise Taylor – Secretary
Eleni Mitakos – Head of Small Fundraisers
Sarah Smith
Debbie Mansell
Joe Jones
David McLean
Amber Potter
Cat Gillespie

When we meet:

We meet on the first Wednesday of every month at the school to discuss current fundraising activities. We also use this as a forum to brainstorm new initiatives and celebrate our achievements.  The meetings are usually very sociable and enthusiastic.

How has the PHPA contributed:

Since the PHPA first started they have provided the school with facilities that have enhanced Pittwater House. Some of the facilities and equipment purchased with these funds include the school swimming pool, amphitheatre, shade structures throughout the Campus, air-conditioning for the Junior School classrooms, sports equipment, musical instruments. Refurbishment of School areas such as the library, canteen and Year 12 common room.

Parents wishing to donate their time and enthusiasm are always welcome.

What will you get out of being involved:

The opportunity to be involved with your child’s school and make a difference whilst making wonderful friends.

How to get involved:

There are so many ways to get involved and support the PHPA.  If you are a parent, grand parent or guardian at Pittwater House you can volunteer or join the PHPA. 

If you have a few spare hours we always need more volunteers for the School canteen or uniform shop. Also, we are always grateful for more volunteers to make all our fundraising events bigger and better.


To find out more information, get involved or just or just to have a chat.  Contact us.

Lorraine Pederson     lorrainetpederson@gmail.com

Erica Butcher           ebutcher@optusnet.com.au



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