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There is something special about the way our staff and parents engage with one another at Pittwater House. We are blessed to have a caring and involved group of teachers and parents who work so closely together towards their common goal of 'advancement'.


At Pittwater House our talented and committed teachers nurture and develop each student to help them grow into intelligent, confident and well-rounded adults who are prepared for the challenges of life and leadership ahead. Most importantly our teachers ensure that parents are engaged throughout this journey, so they too can provide the necessary support for their children.


Parents are an integral part of the life of the School's community, to whom we refer to as the 'School Family'. This includes parent bodies such as the Pittwater House Parent's Association (PHPA) and the Parent Network. In addition, a select group of parents sit on the Board of Governors which provides a critical role in directing the School's strategy and performance.


Through the tireless effort of both parents and staff, Pittwater House has become an extension of every student's family.

achieve a balance co-educational campus, single-sex classes
Pre-School to Year 12
70 South Creek Rd Collaroy, NSW 2097, Australia Reception ph: +612 9981 4400 Enrolments ph: + 612 9972 5789