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Dr Nancy Hillier

Dr Nancy Hillier

There is a great spirit at Pittwater House of friendliness, mutual respect, manners and recognition of achievement, all reflected in the School motto 'semper diligens', Latin for 'always hardworking'.


We aim to take our students on an incredible journey through some of the most important years of their life so that they leave feeling that there is nothing that can't be achieved. We encourage our students to open their minds, to aim high in all they do, and to make the most of the opportunities available to them.


It is after all the task of the school to produce happy, confident and successful adults… a task we relish and do extremely well at.

Dr Nancy Hillier, Principal


achieve a balance co-educational campus, single-sex classes
Pre-School to Year 12
70 South Creek Rd Collaroy, NSW 2097, Australia Reception ph: +612 9981 4400 Enrolments ph: + 612 9972 5789