your daughter

The Girls' College provides a balanced, yet gender focused approach to education. Our girls are nurtured through their early years of development in a gender-specific environment which enables them to blossom in their senior years. 


Pittwater House Junior Girls' College (Kindergarten to Year 1) provides a supportive environment in which students always have a 'big sister' to call on as well as a 'younger sister' for which to provide guidance and advice.  


The Senior Girls' College (Year 7 - 12) is also nurturing but in addition provides the girls with the necessary physical, emotional, academic and social skills to become confident and capable young women in their life beyond school. 

achieve a balance co-educational campus, single-sex classes
Pre-School to Year 12
70 South Creek Rd Collaroy, NSW 2097, Australia Reception ph: +612 9981 4400 Enrolments ph: + 612 9972 5789