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Kindergarten class

Kindergarten class

Every child should have the confidence to succeed, we have established strategies to ensure your child feels supported and encouraged throughout their time at school.


Our small student population and low student-teacher ratio means our teachers are able to create extraordinary opportunities for their students. Teachers can closely monitor each child's development and students have the chance to try new experiences that may pass them by at a larger school.

As a smaller school, we are also able to nurture and follow our students' emotional well being more closely, ensuring they settle into school and are able to face the challenges that school brings.


Form classes are the cornerstone of the Pastoral Care Program and remain single-sex from Kindergarten to Year 12. These Form Groups are the centrepiece of the pastoral care network. They undertake a range of activities together throughout the year including in-class lesson, group activities and camps, fostering independence and a sense of community. 

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Pre-School to Year 12
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