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Staff at Pittwater House Early Child Centre

Staff at Pittwater House Early Child Centre

Working together to bring out the best

During their first years of education at our Early Childhood Centre we understand that your child will need attention and support as they are introduced to school and embark on their educational journey. We ensure teachers can closely monitor each child's development and give children the chance to try new experiences that may pass them by at a larger school.


We also engage parents throughout the educational journey to ensure you are involved in their development and know how you can support your child's growth at home.



Pittwater House Early Learning Centre enjoys the academic leadership of our Principal Dr Nancy Hillier, our Head of Junior Schools, Ruth Achurch and classroom teachers, Andrea Murray, Coordinator, Gina Platt and Julie Jones.

All teachers at Pittwater House are tertiary qualified to ensure your child is guided in their education, right from day one, in age appropriate programs and course curriculum to maximise their development.


Dr Nancy Hillier, BA DipEd MEdSt DEd MACE MACEL MAICD

Mrs Andrea Murray, DipTeach MCAE GDipEC Macq
Early Childhood Centre Coordinator

Mrs Ruth Achurch, DipTeach NCAE
Head of Junior School

Mrs Gina Platt, Bteach (EC)CSturt
Early Childhood Centre Teacher
. Mrs Julie Jones, BEd (EC) Macq
Early Childhood Centre Teacher 


Each class is led by one of these tertiary qualified teachers and is assisted by a teachers aide.



The health problems that children are experiencing today can be more than a scraped knee. To ensure we provide the best health services possible for our children we have a Health Centre which is staffed during school hours by a registered nurse.


Our Health Centre ensures all children with asthma and anaphylaxis have current emergency action plans in place. The centre can also assist parents with illness's that require administering of prescribed medication to children on an ongoing basis.

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