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Single-sex class in Junior School

Single-sex class in Junior School

Girls and boys learn differently, particularly during their formative years, as such we have structured the entire school, our curriculum and the overarching teaching philosophy around this understanding.


Your son will be taught in single-sex classes from Kindergarten through to Year 8. From Year 9, he will begin a slow integration to co-education starting with elective subjects in Year 9 and 10 which are taught in a co-educational setting while the foundation elements of the curriculum across English, Maths and Sciences continue to be taught in single-sex classes. In Years 11 and 12 all classes are fully co-educational.


This gradual integration of both sexes in the classroom allows students to be engaged in learning styles appropriate to their gender in their early years of education whilst providing the opportunity to learn to work in a co-educational environment as they prepare for higher education and life beyond school.


Single-sex classes are just one approach in our whole school repertoire aimed at addressing differences in academic performance, enhancing the social and emotional outcomes of our students, removing limitations based on stereotypical notions of gender, and broadening participation in the learning environment

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